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Jerusalem Post: Our conflict with Palestine is religious, not political

The English-language Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post published an article whose author believes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is primarily a religious conflict, not a political one.

Arnold Sleepermarsh wrote in his article on the newspaper's website that this conflict is clearly evident in the war currently raging between Israel and the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

He said, "It is important, as we contemplate what will happen on the next day of the war, to look at the religious dimensions of the two strong alliances that have provided, and will continue to provide, aid to the Hamas movement even if it becomes weakened."

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that these two alliances carry - according to the article - an inherent contradiction within them that Israel “can and should exploit to weaken them.”

Axis of resistance

Sleepermarsh pointed out that the first alliance that Israel must take into consideration is the one that includes the Hamas movement, the axis of resistance represented by Iran, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Ansar Allah Houthi group in Yemen.

He said that the main goal of the Hamas movement is to eliminate Israel.

Sleepermarsh believes that Hamas' focus is limited to Palestine alone, unlike other Islamic movements, and this has enabled it to become "a unified voice in the Islamic world and has also allowed it to consolidate Muslims' hatred of Jews and Israel," as he claims.

Ally with the progressives

He talked about the second alliance, which he considers an unexpected alliance around occupied Palestine, consisting of Western Muslims and young people with a progressive tendency.

He pointed out that the ideas of progressives are dominated by their opposition to imperialism, capitalism, and everything related to racial oppression, adding that hostility to Israel is the focus of this diverse mix of issues and their connection to each other.

The writer claimed that the "informal" alliance between progressives and Muslims is in fact meaningless, as there are no common interests between the two parties.

The writer directed his message to the Israelis, saying that they must fight the ideas of progressives “because they perpetuate Islamic hatred for Jews throughout the world,” as he claimed.

He claimed that this hatred is "the beginning of the collapse of liberal democracy, and the importation of Islamic values and ethics to Europe and the United States, and is also a step towards the gradual Islamization of Europe."

Source: Jerusalem Post


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Jerusalem Post: Our conflict with Palestine is religious, not political