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Shtayyeh calls on "UNESCO" to prevent the establishment of a settlement site adjacent to Sebastia

Today, Monday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh called on UNESCO to intervene to prevent the Israeli occupation authorities from establishing a settlement site adjacent to the village of Sebastia, whose establishment would cause severe damage to the historical site in the village.

In his speech at the beginning of the government session, in Ramallah, Shtayyeh called on our people in all their places of residence, supporters of justice and freedom, and those in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their cause, to go out next Monday, the fifteenth of May, to the squares and squares to demand an end to the injustice against our people, and to affirm their rights. inalienable rights, foremost of which is his right to self-determination, freedom and return.

He said, "This session comes with the completion of preparations for the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba, which falls on next Monday, and will be revived for the first time in the United Nations General Assembly with the participation of President Mahmoud Abbas."

He expressed his hope that this would constitute a promising start for a broad and effective international action against the war of extermination and ethnic cleansing practiced by the Israeli apartheid regime against our people.

He added, "The invasions, the expansion of settlements, and the attempt to seize the Hebron municipality building, all of these violations are nothing but a continuation of the Nakba series that extends from 1948 to the present day, and today Israel uses databases for discriminatory surveillance against us, to identify the faces of our people through checkpoints, and this is a racist measure." from first class".

In another matter, Shtayyeh said: "Yesterday, I was honored to receive the guest of Palestine, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East and the Supreme Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the world, who is visiting Palestine 58 years after the last visit by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs to Palestine, at the invitation of President Mahmoud Abbas." .

In another context, Shtayyeh offered condolences to the family of education and his family, Dr. Muhammad Awwad, one of the pillars of the Ministry of Education, who died yesterday in an unfortunate traffic accident.

The cabinet will discuss issues related to people with disabilities, legal aid for the poor, environmental issues, the central water station in Gaza, issues related to the protection of personal data, and combating violence against women, in addition to financial and political reports.


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Shtayyeh calls on "UNESCO" to prevent the establishment of a settlement site adjacent to Sebastia

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