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On the Palestinian Child Day.. 170 children in the occupation prisons

The Palestinian Prisoners Club and Addameer Association for Prisoner Care and Human Rights said, on the Palestinian Child Day , which falls on the fifth of April of each year, that more than (9,750) arrest cases were recorded from 2015 until the end of March of this year, and the number of arrests reached Arrest cases Since the beginning of this year, more than (260) arrest cases.

The club stressed that the numbers are not the only indicator of the escalation of violations against children, as the last year in terms of numbers may have been lower compared to the years that preceded it in terms of the number of children who were subjected to arrest, but the level of abuse and the crimes committed were the most severe, and this can be compared to the stage in which The period of the popular revolt followed at the end of 2015, in addition to the escalation in the number of wounded among the children who were arrested, and who were the target of the occupation’s bullets.

Statistics and documented testimonies of child detainees indicate; The majority of the children who were arrested were subjected to one or more forms of physical and psychological torture, through a number of systematic tools and methods that contradict laws, international norms, and conventions on children's rights.

Today, the number of child prisoners in the occupation prisons is about (170) children languishing in (Ofer, Megiddo, and Damon) prisons, including a 16-year-old girl, Nodhout Hammad, from Jerusalem.

The daily arrests of Jerusalemite children constitute the highest percentage compared to the rest of the country's governorates. Arrests are also concentrated in towns, camps, and some areas that are in contact with points of presence of the occupation soldiers, and settlements established on the lands of their towns.

Palestinian children in occupation prisons are exposed to the policies of the occupation, and its continuous violations of the rights of prisoners in general and child prisoners in particular, which take several forms that begin with the arrest process, which often takes place in the late hours of the night, where dozens of heavily armed soldiers storm Palestinian homes suspiciously and wreak havoc. Destruction in citizens' homes before arrest, and in most cases the occupation does not send children prior summons requests.

Children are deprived of their most basic rights, such as the right to education, as the occupation annually denies about 200 Palestinian children their right to education due to arrests in various Palestinian regions. Sometimes to 15 years in prison.


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On the Palestinian Child Day.. 170 children in the occupation prisons

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